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uprage from a Tallinn hotel to a Tallinn Vacation RentalOur Tallinn vacation rental accommodations are more than just a great way to save money on your next vacation in Estonia. Of course, ApartmentsInTallinn.Com is able to offer you excellent rental rates because of our close relationship with Tallinn apartment owners.

But, beyond guaranteeing the best rates for comparable accommodations, you can expect to have all the amenities associated with fine hotels and even your very own home.  Our Tallinn properties feature full kitchens and spacious living areas at a about half the price of a typical luxury hotel.

When you travel with family or a group of friends, you’ll never need to worry about having enough rooms or proper privacy. Our Tallinn rental apartments are carefully chosen in terms of floor plans and living space.  Most of our rental properties feature two or more rooms, as opposed to the small single hotel rooms you would typically find in Tallinn.  If you’re visiting Tallinn with your co-workers, our corporate rentals will provide a convenient work/live space for everyone.  Our central locations will ensure that your group will be able to travel quickly and efficiently to all of their necessary meetings and excursions.

Our Tallinn Apartments are Centrally Located

Tallinn apartments are near blue treesOur cheap accommodations in Tallinn are centrally located near tourist attractions, monuments, museums, restaurants and shopping. We make every effort to find the best locations that ensure you will be close to public transportation.

If you prefer to avoid public transportation, don’t forget that we can help you secure a rental vehicle for your traveling convenience.

Our affiliations in downtown Tallinn with car rental agencies, tour organizers, theater and special event ticket vendors and many other Tallinn vacation rental related service providers allow us to provide our travelers with the very best in comprehensive vacation planning services.


Alternatives to Traditional Apartments and Hotels in Tallinn

Tallinn Youth HostelIf you prefer an affordable alternative to our rental apartment or hotel accommodation in Tallinn, consider youth hostels.  Hostels are an integral part of the international travel industry in Europe.  A hostel in Tallinn often has all the basic conveniences you would need on vacation, like WiFi, kitchens and common areas. Some even provide meals and laundry services.

Tallinn hostels are great for those needing a budget accommodation in Tallinn.  If you’re traveling alone or with a lot of friends who want their own separate accommodations consider our hostel listings as an alternative to our Tallinn apartment rentals.

While often offering rock bottom prices and even perhaps a built in social scene, Hostels often do have the inconvenience of having to share a room with many strangers. There are often no private areas, and sometimes only community bathrooms.

Especially if you are with a small group, take the time to break down the accommodation cost per person.  Your group may be better off renting a Tallinn apartment after all.  No one will have to worry about getting their own room and private bathroom.   While hostels are a great option for a lone traveler, it is often best to consider a hostel in Tallinn only when there are no more available apartments in Tallinn.  If you have any questions or concerns about visiting Tallinn, just call our 24/7 customer service line and we’ll do everything we can to help you become a more savvy traveler.


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Tallinn Apartments near Katarina PassageTo find the very best in hotels, rooms, houses, apartments, B&B or hostels in Tallinn, simply fill in the fields on our ApartmentsInTallinn.Com search page.

Once you’ve entered your arrival date, departure date and the number of guests, our sophisticated booking engine will list only those properties that are available and meet your criteria.

Once you’ve seen the big picture of what we can offer you, simply enter a few key amenities, locations or rate ranges you prefer to refine your search.

Once you’ve found that perfect Tallinn holiday rental, you can book your accommodations with a few simple clicks.

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